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What Exactly Do Commercial Painting Contractors Do?

February 9, 2016

As you search for a quality painting contractor to repaint your company's building, people in the know have probably explained that you need to find one that specialises in commercial jobs. This may lead you to wonder just what the commercial painting contractors do that is different from the residential ones. While the skill set of both are basically the same, there are some slight differences that will benefit you when you hire a commercial painting company to perform the job for you.

Commercial Contractors Will Provide Larger Crews

Painting contractors who specialise in commercial projects will provide larger crews than residential painters can offer you. For this reason, they will finish the project on time even when it is on a tight schedule. The painters will be in and out of your establishment as quickly as possible.

Commercial Painters Utilise Special Equipment Whenever Necessary

Professional contractors who are experts at commercial painting utilise special equipment whenever necessary to reach all areas of your building, whether they are interior or exterior areas. Scaffolding and other pieces of equipment often are called upon to meet the challenges of a large commercial structure.

They Work in Conjunction with Construction Crews

Commercial painters work well with construction crews in scheduling time that does not interfere with the other work that crews are performing at the moment in the buildings. Maybe the painting crews will even need to wait until all other work comes to completion to be able to paint the walls, ceilings or exterior areas of the building in a quality manner.

A Commercial Painting Contractor Addresses All Aspects of the Project

The commercial painting experts address all aspects of the project. They will prepare the surfaces such as walls, ceilings and trim prior to applying the paint. In addition, these experts will hang wallpaper designs that range from extremely delicate to heavy-duty fabric and vinyl wall coverings. If you prefer stain to paint on your wood surfaces, commercial painters also are adept at applying your choice of stains. Commercial painters often work closely with interior designers and architects to bring about the exact results that they have in mind for the buildings. At the end of the project, the commercial contractors will ensure that your building is clean of all their equipment and debris so it is presentable once again.

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