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Painting and Decorating Specialist in Victoria: Service That's Right for You

January 29, 2016

When your house or commercial building requires heritage painting, you should only hire an expert to perform the task in the proper manner. A professional is the only one who will understand all the prep, detail and finish work that repainting your structure requires in order to receive desirable results. Luckily, our Company, ABM Painting Services is a painting and decorating specialist in Victoria, Australia when you own a house or building in or around this area of the country. Read the info below to learn additional facts about our service offerings.

Wall Reparation

Our experts will repair all damage to walls and prepare them for painting. Whether it calls for patching holes, replacing small sections of drywall or replacing the entire wall, we will adeptly perform the reparations. We will sand when necessary and dust the walls prior to painting.

Interior and Exterior Period Detailing

Our crews are highly skilled with restoring period detailing. Whether your house or building is from the Victorian era or another time in history, our experts will ensure a match to the era with the appropriate period detailing.

Skirting and Architraves

We paint or stain the skirting and architraves of your structure in the proper manner to match the decor of the rest of your house. Typically, we wait until after we paint the walls and ceilings to apply paint or stain to these elements.


We ensure the roof is in ideal condition and appropriately finished to protect and enhance the rest of your house or commercial building.

Feature Walls

Your feature or accent walls will receive the attention that they deserve. Whether the walls contain a special texture or just a different colour, we will match the original as close as possible with our painting and other techniques.


Our experienced workers will refurbish your ceilings with the exact details of the original. You may have smooth or textured ones, and we understand the correct materials to utilise to provide you with satisfactory results.


Doors on period houses and buildings often are unique in design and finishes. When you hire us to paint your structure, you can do so with confidence that we will ever provide the right door work.

Textured and High-Gloss Paint Finishes

ABM also provides both textured and high-gloss paint finishes. Each has its own unique characteristics that provide the desired ambiance to your house or commercial building.

Keep all of the above services in mind when you are in search of Painting and Decorating Specialist in Victoria, Australia. Please, consult with us first, and you will see why our company is the right one to hire for your painting and decorating needs.

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